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Reach for the Stars and donate today!

Give monthly, annually or one time - all funds support Reach members!

$11,500 raised

$300,000 goal

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Pledge to turn disability into ability!

Reach Unlimited's Reach for the Stars event is our biggest fundraiser of the year! Whether you pledge to give monthly, annually or make a one time gift, you are making a difference.

Your choice to make a gift to Reach is more than a financial transaction—it’s a shoulder to stand on, an expression of encouragement, and for our members with disabilities, the support they deserve to turn challenges into triumphs. Reach for the Stars is a celebration of our members and the joy they bring to our lives. It's a time to acknowledge the happiness that lies in the small things; the ability to accomplish small tasks, to find joy in what we can do rather than what we can’t do, and ultimately, to celebrate our past success and future ambitions. Reach must raise $1M annually in donations to cover the margin of excellence of our services. We want you to feel and see the joy - thank you for supporting Reach today!

Click the link below to sign up to be a Reach for the Stars Table Captain and bring up to ten guests to the event!

Reach Unlimited utilizes a body, mind, and spirit approach to assist special needs individuals where they are today and equip them to achieve their personal goals. This allows members to grow and fully participate in an enriched environment. We provide home and community-based services, a residential program, afterschool program, comprehensive day programming, community service, continuing education, life skills, personal development, recreation, supported employment, vocational development, enterprise (on-site work, work contracts, teaching greenhouse) and more, for nearly 300 individuals annually at our Learning Activity Center and 23 group homes located from Tomball to Cypress. Our hope is that our process provides peace of mind, knowing that Reach is a safe place and home for loved ones. We exist to support our special needs community in finding joy, purpose, and a sense of accomplishment in their lives.